confused tree


if you could actually see this pic, you’d see a tree, barren of most of it’s leaves, who has been tricked by the on again off again nature of early winter in texas.

my friend thinks this may be bad (it’s losing it’s leaves and trying to bloom at the same time).  i think we may be witnessing evolution in action.  global warming, be warned – we ain’t scared of you.



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so yeah…

i guess this is my “life” blog. you know the type, boring, “what i’m up to these days” kind of stuff.

i have another site that i blog tech shit (and other interesting stuff) on. ultimately, it will look and be much more interesting than this one.


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The Square (goes with previous utter)

i forgot how to send images with utters so this was late…

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Brave Combo

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You know you’re from Denton, TX if…

you came here for one of the two schools more than ten years ago and have never left.

you can remember driving from denton to mckinney when the road was two lanes the whole way.

you know where the “old” walmart was.

you ate at the flying tomato brothers.

you’ve been to the arts and jazz festival at least five times.  one of them, in the rain.

you know where the old delta lodge was.  bonus points if you watched it burn.

the fry street fair was, more or less, like any other of your weekends.

you know who the “jesus guy” is.

you remember when the bus system only had four busses.  none of them stopped anywhere useful or convenient.

you’ve ever honked and waved at Frenchy while driving around town.

you’ve ever been stuck in a traffic jam between lewisville and denton for more than three hours.

you can’t drive to austin without stopping at the czech stop.

you remember when corinth didn’t exist.

you’ve driven across old alton bridge with your headlights off at night.  just to see…

you brag on all the famous UNT alums like mean joe greene and don henley.

you cringe when people remind you that dr. phil went to UNT too.

you’re reading this, happy you made it out, but deep inside sort of wishing you were still here.

The Old Denton Courthouse

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